What work tasks/activities does your young adult enjoy/not enjoy?


"Our daughter enjoys catering and some garden work. She likes tidying up and art's and crafts."

"Horseriding, swimming, BBQ, disco and computer games."


"Has been supported to try new things and enjoys cooking, shopping now there is special kitchen equipment to enable participation."


"Our son enjoys most of the outings that are available and we have been surprised how he has involved himself in activities which he would previously show no interest in. He enjoys cooking, swimming, art and craft, going for walks and trips to the seaside. He loves feeling involved, even though there are times that he is completely happy to just sit and watch."


"I enjoy going for walks, riding bikes, playing snooker, going on trips out and getting McDonalds."


"Our son likes anything sensory - swings, roundabouts, rides, trampolines, loud/bassy music, lights, ball ponds, exploring. He doesn't like crowds, lots of fuss, unexpected sounds, enclosed spaces or new environments."


"Enjoy's going out horseriding, playing football."


"Our son enjoys going for a walk and likes horseriding. Always happy at the farm."


"Loves walking and cycling and doing garden clearance e.t.c. Doesn't like swimming or horse-riding."


"Our son enjoys being able to do woodwork."

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