Do you have any comments in regards to the staff that support you?


"All very friendly"


"The staff go over and above with the level of the support they give customer's at the farm!"


"Staff are very supportive and our son appears to have a great rapport with them. He has built great relationships and appears to be treated with care and respect. Staff give him the space that he needs when he feels anxious, so that he can cope with these instances better."


"The staff I have met so far all seem capable and caring."


"The staff that care for our son seem to be doing an excellent job. If there were any concerns I would raise them directly in confidence with OFC management."

"All do their best in every way."


"Our son gets on well with the staff that give him regular support - no problems!"


"All seem to be very caring."


"All the staff are very good with our son and he gets on well with them."

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