Oaktree Farm Care Day Service

The Day service is operated from an 8000 sq ft converted barn set in 33 acres of pasture. This allows us to offer a wide variety of skill based activities.

Our day Service provides high quality care and support, working with the customers to achieve confidence in all aspects of their life. We aim to acheive confidence with :



Our staff ensures that the support the customer recieves is from known and trusted people, whose allocation is managed, monitored and recorded. We enable our customers to be as independant as possible in all day-to-day matters.


Being valued as a member of the community

The team supports our customers to access and particpate in activities and social experiences which make up community life, including interests leisure pursuits.


The ability to realise their aspirations

We encourage our customers to define and realise their own goals and aspirations by supporting short to long-term learning or social opportunities. Oaktree Farm Care offers our customers focus, encouragement, motivation and support in order to achieve these aspirations, and any practical assistance necessary for their facilitation.


Their social life

Our staff support our customers to choose how they spend their time and who they wish to socialise with by assisting them to visit, utilise, contribute to and be valued members of their local community. Helping them to feel confident about facing the many challenges which accompany new social experiences and be able to embrace social opportunities without the need for support.

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